If plagiarism (including self-plagiarism) was found or noticed from other sources, editorial board should check the status. If the plagiarism (including self-plagiarism) was confirmed as intentional thing:

- This should be reported to editorial board and authors,
- This should be sent to publisher published same or similar paper,
- Paper will be removed according to the "Removal" part in section 4,

All authors' name will be marked as black list, and these authors cannot submit any paper for five years.

All the Editors, authors, and reviewers, within we agree upon standards of proper ethical behavior and accept the responsibility for fulfilling the following duties and responsibilities, as set by the COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Editors.

Whenever possible complaints will be dealt with by the relevant member of the editorial staff. If that person cannot deal with the complaint he or she will refer it to a section editor or the executive editor.

Complaints that are not under the control of editorial staff will be sent to the relevant heads of department. All complaints will be acknowledged within three working days. If possible a full response will be made within four weeks. If this is not possible an interim response will be given within four weeks. Further interim responses will be provided until the complaint is resolved. If the complainant is not happy with the resolution he or she can ask for the complaint to be escalated to the individual's manager or to the executive editor. If the complainant remains unhappy, complaints should be escalated to the editor, whose decision is final.